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In the book of Acts they had constant revival! Miracles, healing and multitudes being saved was a constant happening. They also had a love for God that surpassed their own desires and their own personal wants. Their love for God was clearly seen in their willingness to say "no" to the flesh and no" to sin. 1 Peter 4:1. 

It's time for the "end time" move of God to come to the forefront! I LOVE GOD MORE has come to the church "for such a time as this!" There is an army of believers rising up in the earth today who want to follow in the steps of the early church and count it a joy to be able to say "No" to all the temptations of putting pleasure above loving God!


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There is mighty army of radical believers in Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit multiplying in the earth today! YOU are needed and valuable to this "end time" movement! Check out the link below to see how to get your name on the list. ILGM is spreading across the world to share and demonstrate the love and power of God. Victory for EVERYONE!

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