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  • I LOVE GOD MORE is the message the church needs NOW! These wrist bands will keep you equipped and stirred up to resist everything that would try and bump God from being your FIRST love! 

  • Songs I have written over the past 30 years that have yet to be released publicly . I pray that you will be touched by the anointing of God as you listen to this part of my life. John Cappetto

  • Custom clothing that reminds you and others that your love for God is the reason saying no to sin. These shirts will spark questions in those who see them and you will be able to witness to them that YOU love God more - Your answer to temptation!

  • This book will equip you with powerful answers to use against temptation when it comes. Each day will submerge you into a greater love for God which in turn will empower you to overcome all the pressures to sin that come from the flesh and devil and to live victoriously!